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Fae For All (The Cloverleah Pack Book 6) - Lisa Oliver

I love this series. Jax has always been a bit of an enigma. In this one we find out all of his secrets including the fact that he never intended to claim his two fae mates. Knowing the fae the way Jax does, he realises early that his mates will never see him as an equal so therefore he decides not to claim them. When Dean meets the two fae in the previous book, it opens a can of worms and has Jax fighting his wolf instincts to claim the two men. Only when other wolves decide to try and claim them does his wolf break free.

The first meeting of the mates doesn’t go well; in fact the first week together doesn’t go well. I liked that. I liked that it didn’t magically all work out easily because they were fated mates. Personalities got in the way.

The two fae Aelfric and Fafnir have been together for 300 years, and definitely are approaching finding their third with preconceived notions. But were quick to understand and apologise for thinking that their third would not be a pet that they could ignore.

Aelfric was a selfish character in the beginning and had a lot of growing to do. I felt for Fafnir, who finally had a chance of having someone to look after him. He showed great strength to go after what he wanted.

The fact that most of this pack are alphas, and alphas mated to other alphas the dynamics of this pack are at times hilarious. Especially when they are going into dangerous situations and everyone is trying to protect their mates. But underneath they are all a great family unit.


Darkness (New Species Book 12) - Laurann Dohner

I wanted to give it more. I really did.
I liked Kat. She is a strong female character that is both tough and resourceful without being a bitch. She didn't take any crap and walked when she realised she wouldn't get what she needed from Darkness.
My problem was with Darkness. He was a dick for most of the book. Actions speak louder than words true, but his actions gave me whiplash. Part of me was cheering Kat on as she walked away.
3 stars


Seventh - Rachel White Review copy from Netgalley

4.5 Stars

I really enjoyed this one.

Hynd Perrett is a royal scholar who is a survivor of a terrible disease called “Blight’s” that he was infected with at the age of 14. After spending a year in an asylum he was released when he went into remission. The disease has left him horribly disfigured with painful scars on his face and a deformed hand.

The author does a good job conveying his aloneness and embarrassment in the face of other peoples fear and disgust. Even with his gentle temperament he is no walk over. He doesn’t allow anyone to befriend him unless it is in the open, he will never allow himself to become the invisible friend. His relationship with his sister Alycia is also well developed. She is his champion in a world where unfortunately he needs one.

Hynd is writing a book about the mysterious disappearance of the Seventh Dragoon and while researching his sister Alycia introduces him to Julius Ocere a man who has a personal interest, due to his great grandfather being accused of their murders. Their first meeting ends terribly. Julius Ocere is a hard character to get a read on in the beginning. His reactions in the beginning are a pure human reaction. He is clearly wary and scared of Hynd’s disease but at the same time trying his best to move past it. He is upfront with Hynd stating that he only wants his knowledge and access to his materials, not a relationship.

Their relationship was well done. It was definitely a slow burn, which worked in this book. They became friends first, so Julius’s turnabout was easy to understand. He got to know the man not the disease.

The story kept me entertained with the mystery of the Dragoons, with pieces of the puzzle fitting together nicely in the end. I will definitely be looking up more of this author’s work

The Dragon's Curse

The Dragon's Curse - Victoria Zagar Review copy from Netgalley

3.5 Stars

On the eve of war between their two countries, Lord Aidan of the Greenlands and Prince Varion of the Summerlands finally voice their feelings for each other. The two men have been meeting in secret for over a year trying to negotiate peace, but due to the warmongering of Price Varion’s father King Cendai this is not achievable
King Cendai is a vicious and cruel character who has fathered seven sons from at least 5 wives. His newest war is to try and take out the Dragonfolk, a people who are descended from Dragons. The dragonfolk live under a horrible curse that kills the Male once they mate, and King Cendai is after the knowledge of the Dragon power which allows anyone to turn into a dragon but at a cost to the person. To achieve this he uses two of his son’s Varion and Tiernon.
Varion is a kind and noble man, one who doesn’t fit into Cendai’s court. Somehow he has kept his humanity while growing up in this father’s court because everyone else we meet from this court is cruel. He is held captive by a deathbed promise he made his mother to look after his brothers and ensure they don’t turn out like their father. This promise is one that hurts Varion time and time again, Tiernon the only brother we meet, is already manipulative and cruel like his father believing that this is the only way to survive his father’s court, but Varion holds to his promise and tries help Tiernon regardless of the cost to himself.
Aidan is the nephew to the king of Greenlands. He is a brave character that will do anything to help the people he cares about. When we meet the two men Aidan offers Varion asylum which Varion refuses. When Varion and his father are in trouble he uses the dragon power to transform into a dragon at great cost to himself.
Even though it was a short book, the world the author built was enjoyable. It moved quickly through and each scene was fleshed out. I liked Aidan and Varion together, they were well suited and fought to protect each other.
My only niggle is that I felt the ending was rushed and care wasn’t given to some of the characters there was more emotion shown to the death of Niall than the death of Aidan’s father. At the time he just blinks and back onto research. Regardless of if it was expected, I still would have expected Aidan to at least react to the death of his father, not just dismiss it entirely

Fourth and Long

Fourth and Long - Michele Micheal Rakes Again too much going on

I liked the sports aspect of this one, but it nearly lost me a number of times throughout the book. There was just too much going on, and yet it just kept circling around the same issues.
I liked the relationship and how Irus fought for Jacks.
Aunt Bertula is one of the best characters ever
2.5 stars

Saving Kane

Saving Kane - Michele M. Rakes Not sure how to rate this one

I'm really not sure how to rate this one. Hurt - Comfort stories are my favourite. But this one I had a few issues with. There were good parts but my issues outweighed the good.
Garret the alcoholic paramedic. I understand his issues with PTSD but I can't believe someone didn't try and help him with the alcoholism earlier.
Kane I liked as a character, but there was so much back story. He was gang raped by 6 men, his past abuse as a child. Really one would have been enough.
I also had problems with how quick the relationship was with the two MCs. Kane had been raped and yet they are having sex so quickly after that, I don't buy it.
2.5 stars

The Biker's Pup

The Biker's Pup - Sean Michael A quick read

A quick read that was enjoyable, but at times predictable. I’m a sucker for guys with bikes. Being a short story the relationship moved along far too quickly. I would have liked to see this one longer and a bit more in depth

Truth in the Dark

Truth in the Dark - Amy Lane Recommended

This one was better on the re-read. No matter what I write, I will not be able to convey just how good this book is.
Knife is horribly disfigured and treated appallingly by the people of the town he lives in. In his pain and in an attempt to protect himself, his personality becomes abrasive and abusive. He only talks to his mother and sister, who love him unconditionally. When his sister turns down an offer of marriage to stay and protect him, Knife makes an agreement with Aerie-Smith, the cousin of Gwen’s suitor. Knife will spend a year on Aerie-smith’s island and then be returned to his mother and sister, wherever they are.
Aerie-Smith’s island is under a terrible curse that turns the inhabitants into animals that are slowly losing their humanity. When Knife arrives the curse has the opposite effect on him, turning him into the beautiful man he should have been. With the help of Aerie-Smith and his townspeople, Knife slowly learns that he is worthy, and his personality changes to what it would have been. He is beautiful both inside and out. His job on the island is to help break the curse and free the inhabitants from their animal bodies. During this time he gets to know the townspeople and uses his skills to help them creating bonds that will never be broken.
A beautiful book that I highly recommend.

Brandon Mills versus the V-Card

Brandon Mills versus the V-Card - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock I enjoyed this one more than the first
I like Brandon in the first story and was glad he got his own story. I was happy to see he had found his place in a Frat. Alex was a cutie. Both guys are shy and at times awkward, but that is why they worked together. I really liked that Brandon’s issues weren’t swept under the carpet and were worked on slowly. This made for a lot of only cuddles and kisses, but that fit with the characters and didn’t bother me. The resolution with Brandon’s dad was done well, with both characters not communicating well previously, it was finally brought out into the open and healing can start.
I had a lot of laugh out loud moments in this book, but must be honest that Mark annoyed me in this one. He was obnoxious most of the time and took over a lot of scenes between Brandon and Alex. I love Blake he is hilarious in his obliviousness. I really want to know the deal with Jackson as I just can’t get a handle on him.
Looking forward to the rest of the series.

Mark Cooper versus America

Mark Cooper versus America - Lisa Henry, J.A. Rock I liked this one

I enjoyed Mark, who even with his loud and at times obnoxious personality was underneath extremely lonely. Being Australian I found funny Mark’s attempts to convince his friends they were pronouncing words incorrectly or using the wrong words for certain things. I also liked his “this is me” attitude and the learning curve he took in the book to understand that some of the frat brothers in were worth it.
Deacon was great. His responsibility towards his mother and the grounding he gave Mark. I think he needed someone like Mark in his life to shake it up a bit.
I also enjoyed the little bit of kink and the learning along the way the guys did together. Their kink was not known to either of them, but they worked it out together.

The First Incision

The First Incision - Justine Sebastian The bad guys took the wrong guy

Not for the faint hearted.

This book is hard to rate as it is so different from anything I have read in a long while. It is dark and at times truly horrifying. Saying I liked it is not the right word, but this one kept me reading waiting to see what would happen at the end.

Todd the main character is a psychopath. A serial killer that has no guilt. He is unfortunately a product of painful instances in his childhood. I wondered during the book of his family knew of what had happened to him as a child and if so, if he received any counselling.

When we meet Todd is is stalking his next victim, Matthew. A guy he likes and is attracted to, but that only makes him a definite victim. But Matthew has a past as well, and his past comes back to haunt him before Todd can complete his killing.

Matthew is abducted and Todd starts searching for him. Todd is not a serial killer with a heart of gold or with a soft spot for Matthew, he is not looking for him because he cares about Matthew, he is looking for him because he was cheated out of killing him. This leads to a trail of broken and bloody bodies as Todd shows that he is scarier than the mob.

You have to feel sorry for Matthew in all of this, as he is that one friend we all have, who constantly seems to pick the wrong guy, and the only person actively getting anywhere in finding him is the serial killer that wants to kill him.

The book is told predominantly through Todd's eyes and as his thoughts unravel it is hard to keep up at times. But the way his mind works is fascinating and quite scary. There are POV changes to the victims that are also tricky to pick up at first.

Solid 4 stars

Cross & Crown

Cross & Crown - Abigail Roux O.k

I like Nick and Kelly and I enjoyed seeing them together and interacting with others
Good addition to the series

Crash & Burn (Cut & Run Book 9)

Crash & Burn (Cut & Run Book 9) - Abigail Roux Goodbye

It's sad to say goodbye to one of my favourite couples but I think this series needed to end a couple of books ago. This one was good but no where near as good as the start of the series
I loved the Ty and Zane moments in this one. Their relationship is finally in a good place and strong.
I also loved seeing all of the previous characters, the Grady family are still a hoot and Zane's mother is finally thawing.
I've always liked Julian and Preston (he is prob the scariest character of the books) And I always felt sorry for Preston as he gave up a lot for Julian and Cameron, so I was glad to see them both appear. Liam is a weird character and I would like to see more to try and work him out.
The sidewinder boys are hilarious at times but you have to wonder how they ever survived war, Kelly was a badass in this book, he dropped his funny guy persona and fought for his man. I felt for him at times because he was expected to leave his partner and just continue on.
Ty is one of my all time favourite characters, but in the first books he was so capable and came across as a retired force recon marine but it seemed as he got happier in his relationship and the outside betrayals started to come to light, Ty seemed to loose his capabilities and didn't seem as deadly as he did in the first few books.
Zane really was a Phoenix. No matter what was thrown at him he kept fighting back and rising from the ashes better than before. He now handles betrayal better, taking note of it but not letting it drive him to the bottle like previously. I wish he would give up on the endearment "doll" I hate it.
All in all it wasn't as strong as the first few books but it was good to say goodbye
3.5 stars

Ball & Chain (Cut & Run)

Ball & Chain (Cut & Run) - Abigail Roux Not the strongest of the series

Several of my friends seriously hated this book, and as i trust and value their opinions I went into this one with low expectations.
Maybe because my expectations were so low, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. It is definitely the weakest of the series.
The inconsistencies of the characters was frustrating, both Ty and Zane ran around like they had never worked a murder case before. Three of the guys are meant to be scary recon marines but didn't act anything like it in this book.
I think more needed to be said about the happenings in the last book. Ty and Zane's relationship was being rebuilt after the bombshells of Ty's confession and yet it was swept under the carpet and forgotten, I think this was a missed plot line that could have been further developed
I did like parts of this book, including Ty's multiple marriage proposals, but ultimately it just wasn't as good as the rest of the series

Shock & Awe

Shock & Awe - Abigail Roux I've stayed away from this series as I wasn't really interested in the sidewinder spinoff from one of my favourite series, but amazingly enough I enjoyed this one.
I think it is because of Kelly. I like Kelly, he's funny and when he decided he wanted to try with Nick he decided 100% and pushed forward. It helps that the two guys have known each other forever so there is none of the awkward getting to know you stage.
Nick and Kelly seem well suited

Touch & Geaux

Touch & Geaux  - Abigail Roux Re-Read
Before starting the final book in this series, I decided to do a complete series re-read and I must say I liked this one a lot more on the re-read.
Ty’s character has always been a chameleon and during this series we have seen different aspects of his personality in each book. In this one we see him practically hit rock bottom. Most of his secrets (there is no way he hasn’t got more) are out in the open and no one is happy about it. But through the barrage he remains standing strong with his shields in place. Even though you could understand his reasons you could feel his pain at the crack in his relationship with Zane. The loyalty he has and inspires in others was also great to see.
The saying – “don’t ask a question you don’t want to know the answer to” works here. I felt Zane’s pain at the questions that arose from Ty’s revelations. His intense anger I understood (although I thought it took over too much of the book) and even the lingering anger bursts later had me nodding my head, as that resonates with my personality – I can hold a mean grudge.
I have never been an alcoholic or addict but the bit that sticks with me and rings true, even after the first read, is that recovery must be done for you and not based on anyone else because while Zane was sticking to AA for Ty he was always bound to fail. It was too much pressure on Ty not to set off Zane and back to drinking. I liked that Zane realised this and other factors in his life and has made moves to become his own person.