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Fish Stick Fridays - Rhys Ford

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The parts I loved the most about this one was the main 

characters. I loved Zig. Her and Deke’s interactions were well done. He had a great way of dealing with her, as she was not an easy kid due to her history. I also loved the way she took over Lang’s cats. So typical of cats. 

I liked Lang and how he and Deke were together and how good he was with Zig. He showed strength to move on after his past.

While I liked the guys together it kind of felt like it came out of the blue, maybe because there was a lot of other things going on at the same time, but it felt like they met and then the next interaction they were each other’s corner stone. 

I liked the flow of the story and how it progressed. The secondary characters were all well fleshed out and made me want to continue with the series