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Fae For All (The Cloverleah Pack Book 6) - Lisa Oliver

I love this series. Jax has always been a bit of an enigma. In this one we find out all of his secrets including the fact that he never intended to claim his two fae mates. Knowing the fae the way Jax does, he realises early that his mates will never see him as an equal so therefore he decides not to claim them. When Dean meets the two fae in the previous book, it opens a can of worms and has Jax fighting his wolf instincts to claim the two men. Only when other wolves decide to try and claim them does his wolf break free.

The first meeting of the mates doesn’t go well; in fact the first week together doesn’t go well. I liked that. I liked that it didn’t magically all work out easily because they were fated mates. Personalities got in the way.

The two fae Aelfric and Fafnir have been together for 300 years, and definitely are approaching finding their third with preconceived notions. But were quick to understand and apologise for thinking that their third would not be a pet that they could ignore.

Aelfric was a selfish character in the beginning and had a lot of growing to do. I felt for Fafnir, who finally had a chance of having someone to look after him. He showed great strength to go after what he wanted.

The fact that most of this pack are alphas, and alphas mated to other alphas the dynamics of this pack are at times hilarious. Especially when they are going into dangerous situations and everyone is trying to protect their mates. But underneath they are all a great family unit.