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Sebastian's Journal

Sebastian's Journal - Eden Elsworth, Jack Silince 2.5 stars rounded up to 3
There were parts of this book I liked, but the parts I didn't like, I really didn't like.
I love hurt-comfort stories. I love seeing the MC who's hurting regain their sense of self and regain their life. This book had the ability to be a great hurt-comfort book but missed the mark.
I liked Nathan as a character and I liked his growth through the book. But to have a character who has been abused from a young age, turned to living in the streets and prosititution, So much more could have been done by the author to show his recovery which at time seemed too speedy.
I had a major problem with Sebastian starting a sexual relationship with Nathan as early in the book as it was. It was just too soon. I understood Nathan offering but Sebastian should have stuck to his guns and said no. Also I felt Sebastian changed far too quickly. He and everyone who previously knew him in the book, commented on his abrupt personality change, yes it was for the better, but no one changes this quickly and completely, even if his older personality made an appearance later in the book, it just was not realistic
The author had some good points they were trying to get a across with this book, and I do believe more can be done to help the homeless but as a whole this book missed the mark for me.