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The Bridge of Silver Wings

The Bridge of Silver Wings - John  Wiltshire This series just keeps getting better

The first half of this book was brutal, with the actions of all involved, including the MCs, hard to read at times, lucky for me I like dark themes. Nikolas's ability and desire to do absolutely anything to protect the injured Ben was compelling and his full devotion and love for Ben was shown well. This made the second half of the book an emotional roller coaster for me. To see Ben finally emerging from Nikolas's shadow and trying to find himself, and the decisions he eventually made for his future were parts of the highs, but the emotions, especially from Nikolas in the final chapters slayed me. The growth of both Ben and Nikolas over the previous three books has been magnificent, they have moved from a relationship that was both cold and sterile to one of profound love and understanding of each other's weakness and strengths. Looking forward to continuing the journey with the next book