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This Other Country

This Other Country - John  Wiltshire Good fourth book

This book was slower than the other in this series, but it dealt mainly with the relationship between Ben and Nikolas. From going to the therapy course and the resulting events gave both men a chance to analyse their parts in the relationship.
It was interesting seeing with Ben's memory loss, and the subsequent return to the start of their relationship, the reversal of roles, with Nik being the driving force towards more intimacy and Ben shying away. I found Nik during this time to be quite funny, using Ben's memory loss to revert back to old addictions with no apology and also at times quite sad as he passively fought for Ben to return to him.
The resulting introspection of their own choices and actions during their relationship that both had felt moulded them into their current lives was great to see. And while Ben had always been the champion of the relationship secure in his knowledge of his love and need for Nik, there was always a shadow of doubt in his mind as to Nikolas's need for him, and a blame for the person he had become. This lifted by the end and Ben's newfound freedom and lightness in the knowledge of Nikolas's devotion was great to see. He finally realises that Nikolas is there to stay. There because he wants to be and and has to be and that gives him the ability to stand up for himself, giving off a "you're free to go if you don't like it" instead of immediately giving in to keep Nikolas close.
It was also great to see both men finally admit to being gay as the denials were starting to get annoying. It was also great to see that regardless of their history they gravitated towards each other anyway.
Kate, Kate, Kate. What can I say. I kind of understand why it happened, but don't condone it. She basically took advantage of a situation where she had all of the information and the other party did not. Stupid. Nikolas's reaction to this betrayal shows the growth of his character and the changes Ben has had on him. At the start of this series he would have reacted and showed no remorse, so that his actions after the fact were that more amazing.
I can't wait to see where the guys go next