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The Truth as He Knows It (Perspectives Book 1)

The Truth as He Knows It (Perspectives Book 1) - A.M. Arthur Didn't start off great but was worth it in the end

I struggled with my rating of this one. In the first 50% I was just so so with this book, but by the end I wanted more.
Small town cop with a terrible painful past and the other MC with a mountain of debt he he struggling to pay. Yes we have seen this before from this author but luckily for me I love the "Cost of Repairs" book and continued on. The parallels veered off in the way Shane worked to help pay off the debt, from stripping and then moving into porn (more on the porn later)
I loved the relationship between Shane and Jason. The brothers had been through so much together and Jason was working his butt off in two jobs to pay off the debt from Shane's hospital stay, all the while never complaining, love in its purest form. Even when at times it must have felt like they peed in some gods cereal, the guys could just never catch a break. His devastation and hurt when he found out about the porn was well written.
Noel he was a paragon. His relationship with Tristan was a highlight in this book. The care and friendship shown was lovely to read. But Noel needed to have a blow out get angry about something, anything, he was entitled. Even when he found out about the porn he was pretty calm.
Shane, I felt for Shane, so much had happened to him and yes he made some bad choices,but his heart was in the right place. I wanted him to get out from underneath it all and be free to be Jody without the guilt and baggage.
The porn didn't sit right with me. I read a lot of books that have the porn industry in them, the Johnnies series is one of my favourites, but this part of the book left me feeling cold. Shane's hate of what he was doing and his whole thought process around it was horrible. At least with the Johnnies books while the guys are all in it for different reasons, they at least enjoy themselves while there. Shane hated it and although he consented to be part of it, it came across really sleazy and almost like abuse.
The last 15% of this book devastated me. Here I was, happily reading along with my rose coloured romancia land glasses on and the boom total devastation. It just wasn't fair, but then life isn't fair. The ending bounced my rating up in this case as I realised that I had fallen under the spell of these guys and actually cared about them.
I will be eagerly awaiting Tristan's story as no one deserves a HEA more than him