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Infected: Life After Death

Infected: Life After Death - Andrea Speed Another great instalment

This series is fantastic. I really liked how the author showed Roan's pain and his slow start to moving on. It's not rushed and forced. There was a number of different cases all happening at the same time, so I was glad to see what the outcome was to one of the cases at the back of the book as this case was basically lost in the mix. The cases keep me interested enough that I don't even care that the sex scenes are all fade into black, usually I like at lease a little bit of sex in the books I read.
Got to put it out there, I quite like Dylan. Didn't think I was going to, but maybe the fact that I knew before starting this series what was going to happen to Paris, maybe in an attempt to protect myself, I didn't fully connect 100% (still heartbreaking) so I was able to open myself up to another love interest for Roan earlier than I anticipated