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Duck! (Avian Shifters Series, Book One)

Duck! (Avian Shifters Series, Book One) - Kim Dare There is just something about this book I love

When it comes to BDSM books, I am very picky as to what I read. The master/slave dynamic is one I stay away from unless it is either paranormal or fantasy setting. But this world Kim Dare created just sucked me right in.
The avian society is harsh and abusive, while there is structure there, there is no real protection for the lower ranks. Ori spent the majority of the book in the lower ranks coping with abuse from the other shifters who believed it was their right to abuse him.
Ori is a beautiful soul, who's natural submissive nature put him in the position of being manipulated and abused for his whole life. Ori's confusion and devastation after his first shift was heartbreaking but the pleasure we see during his submission was breathtaking.