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Infected: Freefall

Infected: Freefall - Andrea Speed Every one of the books in this series so far has received a five star review. When I finished this one I wasn't sure why I felt I couldn't give it five starts only four, so I gave myself a night to think things over.
Firstly the things I liked. I enjoyed the cases in this book, and I love the secondary characters. The secondary characters taking over the narration of the book was fantastic, as we got to see through their eyes. I enjoyed that we got to see through Holden's eyes, he is a great addition. Vindictive and not afraid to take action, with his past this is understandable.
The part is didn't like , and even after some time I'm not going to be able to explain it properly, is the relationship between Dylan and Roan. I love Dylan but there was a few times in this book I wanted to give him a little bit of a slap and say what are you doing, same with Roan. The imbalance in the relationship bothers me. No matter what Roan tells himself, he loves Dylan, his actions at times during this book prove that. And then you have Dylan who believes that Roan may never love him as much as Paris or in fact at all but is ok with that. That imbalance of one person being in love and the other coasting is what bothered me. I know Roan is still grieving, but he started a relationship and asked the person to move in with him. Dylan deserves more than that. And the part where Paris had a hand in picking out Roans next boyfriend, I found kind if creepy.
I would like to see more of Roan's lion and Dylan's reactions and interactions with the lion, as I'm not convinced he is all ok with the lion part of Roan. I think Paris being infected himself had it easier associating with Roans lion as he understood it, but I would definately like to see Dylan's reaction and acceptance.
Still a good read, and I'm looking forward to the next book