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Infected: Undertow

Infected: Undertow - Andrea Speed Still love this series, but this is not the strongest of the series

I still love this series, but this book gave me a few niggles. The mysteries weren't as good in this one.
It kind of felt like we were just treading water and going around in circles, covering ground that has already been covered in the other books. It didn't seem to go anywhere with Roan. I understand that he is frightened and he still is sick and no one can work out why but his self hate is getting old.
I did like the scene with Roan comforting the dying cat, and the mothers reaction after that. About time someone thanked him.
Dylan and Roans relationship, I harp on this every book, but it doesn't seem to work for me. While there is that barrier between them, the two separate lives, and Dylan's lack of wanting to know, I can't see how they can have a proper relationship. And with Dylan constantly turning a blind eye to things he came across as weak.
I like Holden and Scott together. I also like the fact that we got to hear more from Holden in this book.
I miss Tank, purely for the entertainment value and I love Doctor Rosenburg, she is a hoot
Will I re read this book - yes. But not the strongest of the series