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Ethan in Gold (Johnnies)

Ethan in Gold (Johnnies) - Amy Lane Good addition to the series

This is the first Johnnies book that pairs one of the Johnnies guys with someone outside of the industry. It was interesting seeing how Jonah handled Ethan's occupation and the problems that could have occurred.
For the first 16% or so, dealt with Ethan's backstory. Without this look into Ethan's history it would have been hard to understand his deep need of human contact, also the scene where he gets kicked out of his family home would not have made any sense.
This book carries on in the same time frame as the other books, giving a differing perspective on events that happened previously. This time we are introduced to Jonah who has basically given up his dreams to help his mum look after his sick sister Molly.
I would have given this book a higher rating but I felt that at 60% we were still in the courting stage and I really didn't feel the connection between Ethan and Jonah. It really just seemed that Jonah just wore Ethan down, not that he had to be there in the relationship.
3.5 stars