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Dex in Blue (Johnnies)

Dex in Blue (Johnnies) - Amy Lane Thankfully not as angsty as the last one
I love Dex; he is by far my favourite character in this series, but after this re-read Kane is catching up.
Dex is the mother hen of Johnnies. He keeps the business running smoothly while John's life is spiralling down the drain, he’s the one everyone turns to when they have a problem. So he was the natural place for Kane to turn to when was kicked out of his house by his conniving sister.
Kane, ok here is where I am going to start gushing; I really enjoyed his character this time around. I think I picked up on the little things. I want to describe him, but the only word coming to mind is simple, and that isn’t the right word for him. He is kind and generous to those around him, and very much a big kid at heart. He takes thing said to him quite literally as shown with how he came about being in the Porn industry to start with:
“she told me that if I wanted sex to mean something, I had to put a higher price on it, you know? That’s why I went into porn.”
He often doesn’t have the words to express what he is feeling, yet the simplicity of what he actually says when he is expressing his feelings is beautiful.
“Anything that ends up with us in separate beds, that’s the wrong thing. You hear me? Whatever I have to give up or stop doing to keep us in the same bed, that’s the right thing. I’m not smart. I’m not. But right now, that’s the only thing I know.”
“I just kept being afraid that I’d wake up and you’d be gone,” he said softly. “I don’t know how to make it so I know that’ll never happen, but if telling people I’m gay and you’re mine is the way to do that, then fine. I don’t care. Whatever you want. I just need us to keep waking up in the same bed, David. I need to know you’ll be there when I go to sleep. Good day, shitty day, the only thing I want at the end of it is for you to be there when I go to sleep. You tell me how to make that happen.”
There are miscommunications between the guys, but these are cleared up very quickly, as well as family problems that carried on in Kane’s case throughout the book. The conclusion of Kane’s family issues, was both disappointing in Lola’s case (I would have liked to see a different outcome for Lola) but great for Kane and Dex. I liked Dex’s decisiveness in this situation, he just acted knowing exactly what needed to be done and sure of Kane’s support.
I found it realistic Kane’s feelings once the guys became fully committed to continuing on with the porn. Knowing he needed to keep doing it, but starting to hate it at the same time
Looking forward to continuing with Ethan’s story