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Touch & Geaux

Touch & Geaux  - Abigail Roux Re-Read
Before starting the final book in this series, I decided to do a complete series re-read and I must say I liked this one a lot more on the re-read.
Ty’s character has always been a chameleon and during this series we have seen different aspects of his personality in each book. In this one we see him practically hit rock bottom. Most of his secrets (there is no way he hasn’t got more) are out in the open and no one is happy about it. But through the barrage he remains standing strong with his shields in place. Even though you could understand his reasons you could feel his pain at the crack in his relationship with Zane. The loyalty he has and inspires in others was also great to see.
The saying – “don’t ask a question you don’t want to know the answer to” works here. I felt Zane’s pain at the questions that arose from Ty’s revelations. His intense anger I understood (although I thought it took over too much of the book) and even the lingering anger bursts later had me nodding my head, as that resonates with my personality – I can hold a mean grudge.
I have never been an alcoholic or addict but the bit that sticks with me and rings true, even after the first read, is that recovery must be done for you and not based on anyone else because while Zane was sticking to AA for Ty he was always bound to fail. It was too much pressure on Ty not to set off Zane and back to drinking. I liked that Zane realised this and other factors in his life and has made moves to become his own person.