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Riding Tall

Riding Tall - Kate Sherwood Good sequel

This book is about what happens after the HEA. The trials and tribulations of combining two lives is never simple, throw in four children under 18, two of whom definitely have emotional problems and it gets harder, now throw in a special needs child and the stress levels go up.

There were times I wanted to slap Joe during the book. His heart is always in the right place but he put too much responsibility on himself and made decisions that should of been discussed with Mack. During one internal dialogue Joe was thinking about Mack " visitors should not be doing the cooking " (not sure of the exact quote but along those lines) and that was the whole problem, Mack was not a partner in Joes eyes. Joe never asked for help from anyone and this is probably his biggest downfall. I'm glad Mack pulled out all stops and straightened things out even if it took him nearly all book to work out what was important.

I really liked the fact that the author showed that it isn't easy. It was a good sequel.