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Black John

Black John - Amy Lane Not the best of the series

I really felt that this one was not as good as the rest of the series. I have a personal issue with reading about drug addicts and generally stay away from books with this subject matter, but as this was part of the Johnnies series I read it anyway.
John has never been a character I have felt any need to know more about, maybe because of the way he came across in the previous books. His back story while kind of sad , became an annoying crutch he used through out the book. Nobody loves me for me, I'm never good enough for anyone to love etc. there were times I wanted to slap him just to stop,the self pity. Also his constant harping on Dex and his relationship with Kane annoyed me.
I liked the fact that John worked hard to stay off the drugs even when put in situations that would test his resolve and I also liked that Galen wanted to be better for John and worked hard at rehab.
All In all it seemed like. It much happened over the course of the book, but at least it mainly dealt with the two MCs and not the whole bunch of previous characters, who only made a brief appearance at the end.