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Dance in the Dark

Dance in the Dark - Megan Derr Excellent second book.

Johnnie is a great character. The human child raised by vampires, having no magic of his own in a world where he feels he doesn't fit, he is constantly looking for love and acceptance, not realising that he has had it all of his life.
I love the fairytales that get weaved into these stories using the tale to create back stories for the paranormal community.
Told in cases like the first book, instead of jumping back and forth as the first book did, this story allowed glimpses into Johnnies's life. In meeting new people and friends with each case, as well meeting people and cases from the previous book, it opens Johnnies's up from a lonely man to one who has both love and friendship. Each case has reason and a point to add to both Johnnie's history and his future. Well woven tale.
Even though I realised who Eros was pretty early, it was entertaining to see the relationship progress, and kept me wondering just what type of paranormal Eros was.