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Dance Only for Me

Dance Only for Me - Megan Derr I’m finding it hard to rate this book.

On one hand I really enjoyed it, but on the other hand the ending left me wondering just what happened.

I thought it was great that this book seemed to be like a full circle, the case involved bring Jackie’s friends (from previous books) or put in him contact with the guys from the previous books. I loved seeing them again and it was interesting how they all interwove

I loved Jackie. I loved his annoyance and direct action in relation to his cheating partner. No questions just kicked to the curb.

Wyatt is a cutie and I hope he appears in later books, as there is definitely more of a story to him.

Ned – I liked Ned but there were more questions than answers with his character. I don’t need all of the gory details of what happened to him, but one has to question how he was captured? Demons in the other books are the top of the food chain, so how did they get a demon and his consort?

The ending was what let this book down. The whole book set up the big showdown between Jackie and his merry band and the bad guys, yet when it happened, it happened off page. What happened to Jackie’s dad while he was captured? Did the guys let him out or did he escape on his own? He is mentioned in passing but we never really find out anything.

There were so many questions still left unanswered. The first 80% had me well and truly engaged but it was like the author just got to a point and decided to wrap it up quickly, and this really let the whole book down.

Hoping there is still more to this series, and yes I will read it.