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Here For You

Here For You - Skylar M. Cates Enjoyable

I really liked Cole as a character from his values and the effort he makes not to do anything to upset the friendships and family he has built for himself. From a bad childhood nearly all of his actions in this book are to keep his built family together and functioning both before the tragedy and especially after.
The family of 5 guys that live together are interesting, they each have their own personality and that really came through, this was especially shown when we went through how each and every one of them responded to the tragic events.
Ian was also a great character. I loved his quiet strength. He was there for Cole from the beginning and never gave up
I understand how the secret between Ian and Cole came about and how it continued, it was all so simple, not wanting to upset the other when they finally looked like moving forward. I was glad to see the resolution and while it took a bit longer in time frame, it was pretty quick in the book. I think Cole grew throughout the book.

Hope there is more to come from these characters.