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The Only Guy (The Guy Series)

The Only Guy (The Guy Series) - Skylar M. Cates Enjoyable

I wanted to give this more, but in the end couldn't
I felt for Jesse, all his life he has never been good enough for his family. His anxiety attacks are not helped by his family instead he is told to get over it. They have never taken any interest in his art or his life as he didn't take the track they wanted from their son.
This is part of the reason the relationship between the two guys in part didn't work for me. When meeting again after years of absence Aaron is horrified and put off by Jeese's appearance. When this changed I don't know. And leading up to Jesse's families party Aaron always wanted Gregory. It was only after actually talking to Gregory at the party that Aaron realised that he was boring and not what he wanted, that he turned to Jesse.
The relationship took off fast after that and with Jesse's anxieties I thought that he would have questioned the relationship more. It always felt like he was the second choice and Jesse deserved more than that.
That being said I did like them together and how they worked as a couple, but It just always stayed in the back of my mind the start of the relationship.