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The Hand-me-down

The Hand-me-down - Zahra Owens Enjoyed but still had a few issues

Hard to rate this one
There was so much going on, it was hard to keep up at times.
I loved Jamie. I liked that he grew during the book, he was still shy but had definitely made progress by the end of the book.
Jez, I felt sorry for at times. I liked that he freely admitted that he didn't choose the relationship but stayed by choice. He was manipulated into taking on Jamie but the way he handles him makes Jaime blossom. I also liked that he wasn't perfect, he didn't know what he was doing most of the time and made mistakes but he was always trying to do right by Jaime.
Nick, at the start I liked Nick, but he was a manipulative jerk. He manipulated Jez into taking on Jaime without all the facts as well as having a threesome with Jamie and Jez without telling Jez he was HIV positive. And don't get me started on having unprotected sex with Jamie for 8 years on the assumption that he was already infected. Way to protect your partner.