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Blind Under the Moon (Blood Moon Pack Alliance)

Blind Under the Moon (Blood Moon Pack Alliance) - S.A. Welsh I liked it

There was just something about this one that I liked.
I thought Remy was a good character. I liked the the fact that when he fought the Alpha, it was over the treatment of a family member not the mate he had just met. Sure he was never going to kill the vampire, but he only started fighting when his family member was attacked. I also liked that he held onto his softness once he became alpha. He was aggressive when needed but still thought and protected others.
I enjoyed his brothers and sisters too. They showed respect but also still treated him at times like the little brother they had picked on for years. But when he was under threat they were straight behind him backing him up. They were a good comic backdrop.
I have a soft spot for blind MCs and Skyler was no exception. I liked that he was the first to realise that he and Remy were mates. I also liked his loyalty to Remy.
It did have the usual werewolf plots with the MCs falling in love really quickly but I still enjoyed it.