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Fanging Around for a Broken Wolf (Blood Moon Pack Alliance Book 2)

Fanging Around for a Broken Wolf (Blood Moon Pack Alliance Book 2) - SA Welsh I liked it

Second book of the series and we see a mmm grouping. This didn't bother me at all
I liked Jacko in the first book. His disappointment when he lost the fight but then happiness when accepted into the pact anyway endeared him to me. In this one we find out more of his painful past. He desire to protect his sister Rose was great to see. He knew he wasn't going to be fully capable but he never let it stop him. He also asked for help when needed from his alpha, when getting Rose out of the home situation. His internal dialogue at times was good comic relief especially when Van and Lavi could hear it all.
I loved Van and Lavi. I loved watching them soften when around Jacko and Rose. I also like he care they took with Jacko, knowing his past. It was still probably a little bit fast, it at least there was some thought process from Jacko involved, not just they are my mates so my past is no longer going to hurt me. He was still,worried about the sex, but they progressed up to it.
I also loved watching Jacko gain confidence in himself and his fierce protecting of his mates once he became sure of the mate bond.