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Should have Put a Leash On It

Should have Put a Leash On It - S.A. Welsh Ok

There is something about this series I really like.
This is the first book in this series that we see a pairing of wolfs and I was looking forward to it. I spent a fair part of the book confused as to why Micah couldn't sense that Rylan was his mate, especially considering that he had not been subjected to the smoke that was affecting the other wolves. I actually thought it was just me and that I was missing something, but thankfully Micah had the same concerns. This was cleared up nicely. I liked them together, their bickering was cute.
I also like the overlapping storyline of Trevor and this book seemed darker than the others. I still am confused as to why the council (there must be some that aren't Trevor's allies) and the other packs haven't helped out, and gotten involved, at least in trying to stop Trevor. It seems a werewolf problem with Trevor wanting to rule them all, not just a problem for Remy's pack.
Looking forward to the next book in this series