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The Bruise-Black Sky

The Bruise-Black Sky - John  Wiltshire I've missed these guys

I've missed these guys. This series is one that keeps me entertained and is never boring.
I love the relationship between Nik and Ben, the little mind games they play with each other, that hurt no one, like Nik using what he believes is Ben's memory loss for his own advantage to keep smoking while Ben lets him waiting for the perfect opportunity to cut him off.
Ben is a great character that has grown over this series chipping away and gaining some control over his life. At the start Nikolas had all the power in the relationship but now they are more balanced. I like the way he stops and thinks, not acting out and ruining what they have to regret it later. He still makes some decisions in the heat of the moment but also admits, at least to himself that he may have made a mistake. The hurt and confusion about his relationship he felt from Nik's secret was well written, but Nik's total non understanding of the problem was also so in character. They love each other flaws and all. Ben is full of surprises. When you are thinking that he is not clueing into what is going on he surprises you with his knowledge of Nik and Nik's reactions.
Nikolas is one of the most complex characters I have ever read, every time you think you have a peg on him, he turns differently than expected. There were times during this book I was nodding along with his thoughts thinking well done, but other times I wanted to slap him in disappointment. His character has probably had the most growth over the series. In this book he showed a bit a softening, showing a conscience and admitting to mistakes, but when the chips were down and when he felt Ben was in danger the tough and brutal Alexi came out to play. He is such a planner, thinking so far ahead of the game, doing anything, even if it hurts himself to keep Ben safe, this is why he is one of my favourite characters.
I can't wait to see where the series heads to next