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Songs of the Earth

Songs of the Earth - Lexi Ander Great continuation

This is a great continuation from the previous book. Some questions were answered well.
I love this authors take on the shifter world.
Everyone has one twin flame (mate) who is reincarnated throughout time. I love the fact that both Tristan and Ushna have met their twin flames and both are now without them, Ushna to the death of his flame in childhood and Tristan from having his bond broken. I love that they choose to be together, it's not destiny playing a hand it is choice and that is what sets these books apart from the other shifter books.
Their relationship in this book grows and is wonderful to read, I really like Tristan's moral compass, he knows Ushna is not his twin flame and refuses to bite him and bond fully knowing that Ushna's twin flame can be reborn at anytime.
Looking forward to the next in the series