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Dragons, Diamonds, And Discord

Dragons, Diamonds, And Discord - Angel Martinez 3.5 stars

I really enjoy this series, the Greek mythology mixed into the modern world appeals to me. This book felt like it was split into two, dealing with two couples. Hermes and Fafnir and the continuation of Zack and Michael's story.
Unfortunately I didn't feel the connection in this one between Hermes and Fafnir. I didn't really understand why they were together, as there wasn't that insatiable pull between the characters. Fafnir was a grumpy character due to the Chaos gods machinations and was hard to get to know.
The continuation of Zack and Michael's story saved this one for me. Michael suffered horribly in the last story, and this one shows his progress. There is no magical cure, it is a slow progress and Zacks guilt at being the cause is wonderfully portrayed.
I'll still continue with this series