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In The Absence Of Light

In The Absence Of Light - Adrienne Wilder Outstanding

This book is so far one of my best reads this year.
Morgan is a stunning character, he is so well written. He is just real, he comes alive on each page. His struggles with parts of his autism and his independence, and strong will were great to read. One of my favourite scenes was when he was learning to drive the car, his utter happiness when he actually did was fantastic.
I liked Grant as a character too. I liked that he wasn't perfect, he made mistakes in his dealings with Morgan and at times didn't know what to say or how to handle situations. Although some of his past actions have made him not the good guy, he is the good guy in how protects Morgan. I also liked that being with Morgan opened his eyes and made him a better person. He was still prepared to do whatever it took to protect Morgan. When everyone else was embarrassed or horrified at the autistic boy in the diner, he took the time to calm the boy down and make him and his sister comfortable so they could enjoy their meal, this showed real growth for Grant as at the start of the book. He would have been one of the ones staring.
I found Jeff an interesting character. I spent a lot of the book trying to work out his motives and if he was a good guy or bad guy. I kind of hope we get to hear more about him