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Crash & Burn (Cut & Run Book 9)

Crash & Burn (Cut & Run Book 9) - Abigail Roux Goodbye

It's sad to say goodbye to one of my favourite couples but I think this series needed to end a couple of books ago. This one was good but no where near as good as the start of the series
I loved the Ty and Zane moments in this one. Their relationship is finally in a good place and strong.
I also loved seeing all of the previous characters, the Grady family are still a hoot and Zane's mother is finally thawing.
I've always liked Julian and Preston (he is prob the scariest character of the books) And I always felt sorry for Preston as he gave up a lot for Julian and Cameron, so I was glad to see them both appear. Liam is a weird character and I would like to see more to try and work him out.
The sidewinder boys are hilarious at times but you have to wonder how they ever survived war, Kelly was a badass in this book, he dropped his funny guy persona and fought for his man. I felt for him at times because he was expected to leave his partner and just continue on.
Ty is one of my all time favourite characters, but in the first books he was so capable and came across as a retired force recon marine but it seemed as he got happier in his relationship and the outside betrayals started to come to light, Ty seemed to loose his capabilities and didn't seem as deadly as he did in the first few books.
Zane really was a Phoenix. No matter what was thrown at him he kept fighting back and rising from the ashes better than before. He now handles betrayal better, taking note of it but not letting it drive him to the bottle like previously. I wish he would give up on the endearment "doll" I hate it.
All in all it wasn't as strong as the first few books but it was good to say goodbye
3.5 stars