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The First Incision

The First Incision - Justine Sebastian The bad guys took the wrong guy

Not for the faint hearted.

This book is hard to rate as it is so different from anything I have read in a long while. It is dark and at times truly horrifying. Saying I liked it is not the right word, but this one kept me reading waiting to see what would happen at the end.

Todd the main character is a psychopath. A serial killer that has no guilt. He is unfortunately a product of painful instances in his childhood. I wondered during the book of his family knew of what had happened to him as a child and if so, if he received any counselling.

When we meet Todd is is stalking his next victim, Matthew. A guy he likes and is attracted to, but that only makes him a definite victim. But Matthew has a past as well, and his past comes back to haunt him before Todd can complete his killing.

Matthew is abducted and Todd starts searching for him. Todd is not a serial killer with a heart of gold or with a soft spot for Matthew, he is not looking for him because he cares about Matthew, he is looking for him because he was cheated out of killing him. This leads to a trail of broken and bloody bodies as Todd shows that he is scarier than the mob.

You have to feel sorry for Matthew in all of this, as he is that one friend we all have, who constantly seems to pick the wrong guy, and the only person actively getting anywhere in finding him is the serial killer that wants to kill him.

The book is told predominantly through Todd's eyes and as his thoughts unravel it is hard to keep up at times. But the way his mind works is fascinating and quite scary. There are POV changes to the victims that are also tricky to pick up at first.

Solid 4 stars