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On Solid Ground

On Solid Ground - Melissa  Collins Good effort

3.5 stars
Was a good effort. I liked the portrayal of Dax's PTSD, I thought it was handled well, I just didn't feel the connection between the two MCs. They came across like best friends not lovers. The miscommunications were numerous and at times frustrating. They both had so much going on in their lives that they just didn't talk or listen to each other.

In The Absence Of Light

In The Absence Of Light - Adrienne Wilder Outstanding

This book is so far one of my best reads this year.
Morgan is a stunning character, he is so well written. He is just real, he comes alive on each page. His struggles with parts of his autism and his independence, and strong will were great to read. One of my favourite scenes was when he was learning to drive the car, his utter happiness when he actually did was fantastic.
I liked Grant as a character too. I liked that he wasn't perfect, he made mistakes in his dealings with Morgan and at times didn't know what to say or how to handle situations. Although some of his past actions have made him not the good guy, he is the good guy in how protects Morgan. I also liked that being with Morgan opened his eyes and made him a better person. He was still prepared to do whatever it took to protect Morgan. When everyone else was embarrassed or horrified at the autistic boy in the diner, he took the time to calm the boy down and make him and his sister comfortable so they could enjoy their meal, this showed real growth for Grant as at the start of the book. He would have been one of the ones staring.
I found Jeff an interesting character. I spent a lot of the book trying to work out his motives and if he was a good guy or bad guy. I kind of hope we get to hear more about him

Dragons, Diamonds, And Discord

Dragons, Diamonds, And Discord - Angel Martinez 3.5 stars

I really enjoy this series, the Greek mythology mixed into the modern world appeals to me. This book felt like it was split into two, dealing with two couples. Hermes and Fafnir and the continuation of Zack and Michael's story.
Unfortunately I didn't feel the connection in this one between Hermes and Fafnir. I didn't really understand why they were together, as there wasn't that insatiable pull between the characters. Fafnir was a grumpy character due to the Chaos gods machinations and was hard to get to know.
The continuation of Zack and Michael's story saved this one for me. Michael suffered horribly in the last story, and this one shows his progress. There is no magical cure, it is a slow progress and Zacks guilt at being the cause is wonderfully portrayed.
I'll still continue with this series

Songs of the Earth

Songs of the Earth - Lexi Ander Great continuation

This is a great continuation from the previous book. Some questions were answered well.
I love this authors take on the shifter world.
Everyone has one twin flame (mate) who is reincarnated throughout time. I love the fact that both Tristan and Ushna have met their twin flames and both are now without them, Ushna to the death of his flame in childhood and Tristan from having his bond broken. I love that they choose to be together, it's not destiny playing a hand it is choice and that is what sets these books apart from the other shifter books.
Their relationship in this book grows and is wonderful to read, I really like Tristan's moral compass, he knows Ushna is not his twin flame and refuses to bite him and bond fully knowing that Ushna's twin flame can be reborn at anytime.
Looking forward to the next in the series

Twin Flames (Sumeria's Sons, #1

Twin Flames (Sumeria's Sons, #1 - Lexi Ander A new fan

I really enjoyed the world this author created. When we meet Tristan he is sick from his twin flames rejection, while he had been claimed his mate had not and his mates actions were killing Tristan. I loved Tristan's sense of self and choice to severe the bond, regardless of the cost to himself, especially considering everyone was advising him to basically suck it up and claim his mate. The cure hurt Tristan and he suffered without fully realising the extent for 7 years. I enjoyed his thought process when he realised his attraction to his best friend Ushna.
Lots of loose ends with a lot of questions left unanswered, hopefully they will be answered in the next book

Kept Tears

Kept Tears - Jana Denardo Ok

I liked this one but it felt like it took along time to get going.
I liked the portrayal of Aaron a wounded veteran and his PTSD as well as his low self esteem after his injuries.
Rhys was a more difficult character to to connect with but i think that was more due to my personal issues about his relationship status. (Don't care he is fae and lives by different rules)
All in all an ok read

Nyx's Pixie

Nyx's Pixie - K.M. Mahoney even better than the first one.

I definitely liked this one better than the first. I loved Pol he was so cute. And Nyx came across well. Again the literal dragons created seem entertaining dialogue. I loved seeing Cody and Kirik in this one. Cody was still very protective of the dragons but I also enjoyed his protection of Pol.
Can't wait for Chaos story and even Ravens (I have a soft spot he him)

The Bruise-Black Sky

The Bruise-Black Sky - John  Wiltshire I've missed these guys

I've missed these guys. This series is one that keeps me entertained and is never boring.
I love the relationship between Nik and Ben, the little mind games they play with each other, that hurt no one, like Nik using what he believes is Ben's memory loss for his own advantage to keep smoking while Ben lets him waiting for the perfect opportunity to cut him off.
Ben is a great character that has grown over this series chipping away and gaining some control over his life. At the start Nikolas had all the power in the relationship but now they are more balanced. I like the way he stops and thinks, not acting out and ruining what they have to regret it later. He still makes some decisions in the heat of the moment but also admits, at least to himself that he may have made a mistake. The hurt and confusion about his relationship he felt from Nik's secret was well written, but Nik's total non understanding of the problem was also so in character. They love each other flaws and all. Ben is full of surprises. When you are thinking that he is not clueing into what is going on he surprises you with his knowledge of Nik and Nik's reactions.
Nikolas is one of the most complex characters I have ever read, every time you think you have a peg on him, he turns differently than expected. There were times during this book I was nodding along with his thoughts thinking well done, but other times I wanted to slap him in disappointment. His character has probably had the most growth over the series. In this book he showed a bit a softening, showing a conscience and admitting to mistakes, but when the chips were down and when he felt Ben was in danger the tough and brutal Alexi came out to play. He is such a planner, thinking so far ahead of the game, doing anything, even if it hurts himself to keep Ben safe, this is why he is one of my favourite characters.
I can't wait to see where the series heads to next

Should have Put a Leash On It

Should have Put a Leash On It - S.A. Welsh Ok

There is something about this series I really like.
This is the first book in this series that we see a pairing of wolfs and I was looking forward to it. I spent a fair part of the book confused as to why Micah couldn't sense that Rylan was his mate, especially considering that he had not been subjected to the smoke that was affecting the other wolves. I actually thought it was just me and that I was missing something, but thankfully Micah had the same concerns. This was cleared up nicely. I liked them together, their bickering was cute.
I also like the overlapping storyline of Trevor and this book seemed darker than the others. I still am confused as to why the council (there must be some that aren't Trevor's allies) and the other packs haven't helped out, and gotten involved, at least in trying to stop Trevor. It seems a werewolf problem with Trevor wanting to rule them all, not just a problem for Remy's pack.
Looking forward to the next book in this series

Piercings and Sandpaper Kisses (Blood Moon Pack Alliance Book 3)

Piercings and Sandpaper Kisses (Blood Moon Pack Alliance Book 3) - S.A.  Welsh Good third book

This one started off at fast pace, but the storyline was dropped quickly once the mates met each other. I would like the story arc to go back there in the next book as I think the reason the other Alpha was worried was important, not true obviously if you know Remy but I could see the other alphas being worried.
I liked the storyline between ash and Zeke. And I love the other characters from previous books continually making an appearance and the continuation of their stories.

Fanging Around for a Broken Wolf (Blood Moon Pack Alliance Book 2)

Fanging Around for a Broken Wolf (Blood Moon Pack Alliance Book 2) - SA Welsh I liked it

Second book of the series and we see a mmm grouping. This didn't bother me at all
I liked Jacko in the first book. His disappointment when he lost the fight but then happiness when accepted into the pact anyway endeared him to me. In this one we find out more of his painful past. He desire to protect his sister Rose was great to see. He knew he wasn't going to be fully capable but he never let it stop him. He also asked for help when needed from his alpha, when getting Rose out of the home situation. His internal dialogue at times was good comic relief especially when Van and Lavi could hear it all.
I loved Van and Lavi. I loved watching them soften when around Jacko and Rose. I also like he care they took with Jacko, knowing his past. It was still probably a little bit fast, it at least there was some thought process from Jacko involved, not just they are my mates so my past is no longer going to hurt me. He was still,worried about the sex, but they progressed up to it.
I also loved watching Jacko gain confidence in himself and his fierce protecting of his mates once he became sure of the mate bond.

Blind Under the Moon (Blood Moon Pack Alliance)

Blind Under the Moon (Blood Moon Pack Alliance) - S.A. Welsh I liked it

There was just something about this one that I liked.
I thought Remy was a good character. I liked the the fact that when he fought the Alpha, it was over the treatment of a family member not the mate he had just met. Sure he was never going to kill the vampire, but he only started fighting when his family member was attacked. I also liked that he held onto his softness once he became alpha. He was aggressive when needed but still thought and protected others.
I enjoyed his brothers and sisters too. They showed respect but also still treated him at times like the little brother they had picked on for years. But when he was under threat they were straight behind him backing him up. They were a good comic backdrop.
I have a soft spot for blind MCs and Skyler was no exception. I liked that he was the first to realise that he and Remy were mates. I also liked his loyalty to Remy.
It did have the usual werewolf plots with the MCs falling in love really quickly but I still enjoyed it.

Called to Mate

Called to Mate  - Lynn Tyler Would have been better longer

I love hurt/comfort storyline. But this book needed to be longer to explore the recovery of Quinn. It felt rushed and there were parts that were skipped over. I would have liked to see how he started to interact with the pack.

What it Means to be Me

What it Means to be Me - T. Kierei Was ok

I liked it, even though it confused me at times
Tanner is a cute character even though he is really a big kid. With his background he never really was able to ever be a puppy and that's use comes out now.
I love his addiction to peanut butter
Cute read


Johnnie - Cardeno C. Not sure how to rate this one

It is a very rare occurrence that I have such a powerful negative reaction to one of the MC’s within a couple of chapters.

Hugh is a premier lion who at over 100 years old has too much power to exist without a siphon lion. For a siphon to carry the premier’s power he must remain close to the premier at all times. Siphons are so rare that only 1 in 100 premiers ever get one, so you would think that they would be a highly valued and regarded member of the pride. Not in this pride.

When we first meet Hugh he is having an orgy with 4 other members of his pride, when all of a sudden he starts feeling over full from all of his power. Realising that something has happened to his siphon of 10 years, the other members of the orgy investigate to find that the siphon has tried to hang himself.

Hugh’s first reaction to this is “why did you try and kill me and destroy the pride” (I find destroying the pride laughable, but I will come back to that later). Yeap the big JERK only wonders about himself. Not once did he wonder, what had made the siphon want to kill himself? What could have been so bad in his life that that was the only option? Nope it was all about him and his precious pride. Now that Hugh’s life is in danger, from the one actually keeping him alive, Hugh actually starts talking to the siphon and more information comes out. Now these guys have been together for 10 years, in that 10 years Hugh has NEVER spoken to the Siphon, in fact he doesn’t even know that the Siphon doesn’t have a name. At 26 years old he has never been named and is always referred to as “The Siphon”. Now Hugh doesn’t think this is a big deal as he is the Siphon so why does he need a name and quickly throws out a name for him. Here we have Johnnie. At this point Hugh still can’t understand why Johnnie has tried to kill himself countless times and is horrified to hear that he has tried for nearly all of their 10 years together.

See the part I find appalling is that not only Hugh has never spoken to Johnnie, not one member of the 1000 plus (actually I think it was closer to 2000) pride has ever acknowledged or spoken to the siphon in 10 years. Here is Johnnie, the one person keeping their Premier alive, who should be the most valued member of their pride and he is worse than mud on their boots, he is invisible to everyone. No wonder Johnnie did what he did, I’d want to escape an eternity of being nothing to these people as well. There is a lot of talk during this book that a lion can’t live without a pride. This is hilarious because Johnnie has been living his entire life without a pride. He may be classified loosely as part of the pride but he was never treated as a member of this pride.

Johnnie is such a sweet character. Born as a siphon he never had a chance. He was always going to be a tool, for his home pride and the Premier who he would eventually end up with. I found it devastating that in 10 years not one person had ever acknowledged him or spoken to him. He escaped into books. He knew instinctively what his relationship was meant to be with the Premier, in fact he was looking forward to being with the Premier and when that was denied to him, he went into a deep depression that no one was aware of. Once he was out of that depression we started seeing things from his POV. He general happiness at Hugh actually seeing him was beautiful and yet painful.

Johnnie should have been the most important member of the pride to Hugh, and when he finally pulls his head out of his own butt, he finally starts to realise this, but it was too little too late for me, the damage had already been done in the first few chapters. Hugh never really had to grovel, he apologised to Johnnie, but never really had to go out of his way to make things better, all he did was take notice and talk to Johnnie.

The pride was never taken to account either for their treatment of Johnnie. The general reason for this was that Hugh being Premier had to be considered by the rest of the Pride as flawless and couldn’t be seen as being either unsure or making mistakes. This is a CROCK, everyone in that pride should have been taken to task for their treatment of Johnnie. Yes Hugh was to blame but so was everyone else who ignored him

I’ve given this one 2.5 stars, because the author should get credit for making me feel so passionately about Johnnie’s treatment that I hated Hugh and the pride from the first 4 chapters. Unfortunately the author did such a good job that he never recovered in my eyes.

My Man Godric

My Man Godric - R. Cooper Cute little short story

This one is cute short story.
I love Bertie, he is so much fun. I loved his honesty and open affection for Godric, and also his desire not to embarrass Godric. I also liked Godric and his stoic personality but hidden affection for Bertie